Why SEO Will Never Die? [INFOGRAPHIC]

October 2, 2012

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Since the launch of Google Panda many marketers have been rumoring around the death of SEO. BUT the real fact is, SEO will never die.

Here are 4 real reasons for this statement:-

  1. Search engines like to use the open angle to give publishers incentive to mark up their content so that the search engines can extract and displace larger chunks of the value chain.
  2. Historically supporting piracy in private has been valuable for search companies when negotiating content licensing deals with media companies.
  3. If people realize that they were looking at nothing but ads on a search engine they would do their queries elsewhere.
  4. If there are organic results the search engine can cast blame outwardly when something breaks.

To know more in detail, go through the entire infographic below and read the view points of Aaron Wall of SEObook.com (Click on the infographic to see it’s larger version)

SEO is dead.

SEO Graphic by SEO Book

6,077 total views, 6 views today

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